Speed Up Your Computer with a Tune-Up — it is FREE!

What’s going on with your computer? Is it slowing down and driving you crazy — or constantly crashing so you can’t get anything done because you are always rebooting? Both are signs that your Registry has some nasty errors that are causing such difficulties. The “brain” of your computer – the Registry — can quickly become bogged down – and then slowed down — by all types of errors as …


How to Prevent Your Webcam from Being Hacked

Recently crowned Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf is the victim of an apparent hacking that involved someone obtaining nude pictures of her taken from a webcam in her bedroom. The FBI is now investigating the allegations. It all began several months before she was crowned Miss Teen USA. Cassidy received notification that someone in another state had tried to access her Facebook page. Soon after, she began to receive anonymous …

Three Things You Need to Keep Your Computer Happy

Your PC is a lot like your car:  in order for it to run properly, it needs regular maintenance, or it’s going to break down on you.  And we all know that computers have a habit of crashing just when you need them the most. We’ve put together a short list of to-do’s that will help keep your computer up and running – with minimal effort on your part!

Install Anti-Malware Software – and Keep it Up-to-Date. Computerworld states that there are over 4,166 new viruses created every month, and hackers are always searching for new ways to get to your personal information. Protect your computer and your identity with anti-malware software. Anti-malware software protects against viruses, spyware, Trojans, and all other sorts of malicious software that can get inside PC and take it down fast. You’ll want real-time protection that can warn you of dangerous sites before you can even enter them, and daily updates against even the newest malware releases. Try ChicaPC-Shield to keep you and your computer safe.

Update Your Drivers. Drivers are responsible for communicating and interacting with your PC hardware devices. If they are not updated, your PC will be prone to instability, hardware malfunctions, and slower performance. Searching for these potential updates on your own is time consuming and even dangerous, if you unwittingly download from an unsafe site. A better bet: use driver updating software to search for potential updates for you on a regular basis – and then install with a few clicks the ones you want to update.DRIVERfighter will safely scan your PC for free and tell you how many drivers you need to update in minutes.

Speed Up a Slow PC. Even a new computer can quickly get bogged down with registry and other types of errors. Registry cleaners quickly scan your PC for errors, and fixes them with just a few clicks. Keep your PC running more efficiently for improved performance by running a weekly scan. Try ChicaPC-Fix to speed up your computer.

Just a few minutes of preventive maintenance is all it takes to keep your PC running efficiently. Don’t wait until your computer crashes – keep it clean and prevent problems with these fast and easy weekly scans.