ChicaLogic® is about empowering women globally in the Digital Age

If yesterday’s woman mastered the art of juggling family, friends, and career, then today’s woman has mastered the art of synergistic integration of all that and more. Multitasking is no longer a trendy buzzword; it’s a way of life. And women are the vanguards of the movement thanks to their computers, the Internet, and all manner of digital media.

But a woman’s computer is more than a digitized day planner from which she runs her life, organizes her business, and manages her home. A woman’s computer is her beacon in a global economy. It’s where she negotiates multimillion-dollar deals over morning espresso while she’s still in her PJs; it’s how she stays connected to friends and family, whether they are down the street or Down Under; and it’s what she relies on every day to keep her grounded and inspired, informed and educated, engaged and entertained. So the last thing any woman wants or needs is to spend valuable time deciphering which computer hardware and/or software programs are best suited to her lifestyle.

And that’s where ChicaLogic® comes in.

ChicaLogic® is an online resource that provides a comprehensive user experience designed by women for women who want access to technological solutions fast. No more searching the Internet for the proverbial needle in the haystack; no more complicated “techie” talk that requires its own dictionary.

ChicaLogic’s® product solutions are intuitively created and designed with a woman’s needs and workflow in mind. No hassles, no guesswork; just straightforward and to the point.

Meet the ChicaLogic® Team

ChicaLogic® is proud of its international team of smart, savvy, and sophisticated women whose interests and backgrounds are as varied as the women they seek to serve: You!

Lori Fraijo Raygoza, the “Chica” in Charge, Business and Operations Development, e-Commerce Powerhouse

Lori Fraijo RaygozaLori Fraijo Raygoza is more than the powerhouse behind ChicaLogic®—she’s an international superstar. With more than 12 years of comprehensive management and hands-on experience in online sales and marketing, operations, business development, and website architecture, Lori has been a leading eCommerce consultant around the world and has worked with some of the most respected companies in the business, such as, Digital River, Syncables, and SPAMfighter. Lori graduated from California State University, Fresno with a degree in Health Science Administration. Her enthusiasm for creating within the global corporate culture is tempered only by her love, admiration, and devotion to her two lovely daughters. Lori was recently awarded the Golden Bridge Award for Women Helping Women. She isn’t just a forward thinking 21-century woman; she created the concept. Contact Lori Raygoza.

Angela Skinner Mullen – Fully-Caffeinated Marketing Chica

Angela Skinner Mullen leads a caffeine-fueled life chasing her kids around town. She holds degrees in Communications and Marketing, and worked in marketing management in both publishing and technology fields before going freelance. Angela enjoys helping women embrace their own ChicaPower by showing them tips and tricks to make their lives easier — with a little help from technology. While some think she is obsessive-compulsive about correct usage and grammar, she prefers to think of herself as paying great attention to detail. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two kids, two cats, a frog, and a very large dog. Most likely to be found working from a Coffee Bean in Los Angeles, laptop on and latte in hand.

Rebecca J. Razo — Chief Content Writer and Editorial Consultant, Word Virtuosa, Literary Diva

Rebecca RazoBased in Southern California, Rebecca J. Razo has more than 14 years’ combined writing, editing, production, and consulting experience in consumer and trade media, book publishing, and civil service. In addition to writing, styling, and producing books and features in the art, consumer-shelter, and alternative-health genres, Rebecca has held a range of editorial and project-management positions, including managing editor, developmental editor, and acquisitions editor. She specializes in corporate editorial content and consulting, instructional and educational writing and editing, and licensing and acquisitions for the publishing industry. Rebecca holds degrees in Administration of Justice and English. She is a wife and mother, and has taught her 20-year-old daughter the value of embracing her own ChicaPower. Learn more about Rebecca at

Christina Sørensen – Multilingual Tech Diva Superstar

Christina Sørensen is a total tech diva! Based in Copenhagen, she studied English, Spanish, and Social Studies before graduating from Soroe Academy, and has worked for such progressive companies as Jubii A/S and SPAMfighter. At ChicaLogic, she empowers women by supporting them with any help they may need with ChicaLogic products (and she does it in multiple languages, thank-you-very-much!) Christina loves animals -especially dogs- and enjoys traveling and hanging out with friends in her spare time.

Kayla Megonegal — Chica Intern Extraordinaire

Meet Kayla Megonegal! Kayla is interning at ChicaLogic while continuing her studies in Communication Disorders at Florida State University, where she is a member of the Florida chapter of Pi Beta Phi Sorority. In high school, Kayla created a club that focused on special needs students called Bobcat Buddies and worked as a child caretaker —  all while maintaining a 3.7 GPA. Kayla is going to do a little bit of everything while she’s with us.

Nela Silva — Multi-ligual Rockstar Intern

Meet our newest Chica at ChicaLogic — Nela Silva! Born and raised in Portugal, she then moved to Spain, The Bahamas, and now calls Florida home. Nela is studying Tourism and Hospitality Management at Palm Beach State College, and her passions are cooking and traveling (her dream is to have her own catering company). Interning at ChicaLogic, Nela will get to do a little bit of everything…and she is learning all about embracing her own ChicaPower in the process. Welcome Nela!



Meet our team of tech savvy geeky-by-nature women who look to empower women through the use of technology and use their digital influence to share what they know online:
Jessica Benton— Jessica Benton is a proud Texan who is addicted to all things technology. She has over ten years experience in technical management, software training, and training in the telecommunications industry. Jessica is a mom of four teens, wife, web designer, social media consultant, and blogger. On her blog, Jessica shares information about her favorite apps, tech news, gadgets and life. Although her blog is still young, Jessica has been networking online since 2000 in message boards and online groups.

Kris Cain— A Chicago area mom to two sets of twins, photographer, web designer, social media consultant and blogger, Kris has worked in IT for over fourteen years. She truly is the tech girl she plays on where she writes about her love of gadgets, computers, the Internet, social media, her children, and anything else that crosses her mind. You can find her from day to day on Twitter and Facebook. She contributes to several websites including Mom Blog MagazineType-A Parent, BlogHer, Kid Grade, and more.

Grace Duffy— Grace is a mom of two who describes herself as a tech columnist, mommy blogger, and real housewife of Silicon Valley. She maintains a personal blog at Formerly Gracie, is a contributor at Mama Manifesto and Technorati, and member of Splash Creative Media, a boutique social media company that works together across common themes to support favorite causes through campaigns like Fill the Backpack and All About the Bump Month.


We welcome female content creators to join our team who love to blog about tech. We are looking for women to share with our world-wide audience about the cool gadgets, apps, hardware, and software used in their daily grind to make life easier or simply to create a smile. Please email if interested in guest blogging for us.