Three Reasons Why You Need Anti-Malware Software

Although most of us think that getting hacked won’t happen to us, it does happen. All the time. Sometimes it’s obvious – if you see your friend on Facebook posting odd things, you can give a shout out to her that her account has been compromised. Other times it’s more subtle – resulting in your personal information being stolen (along with your identity). Here’s three reasons why it’s worth utilizing anti-malware software to keep yourself safe online.

1. You usually find the cyber criminals yourself – not vice versa. Cyber criminals generally don’t attack people who have security measures installed because either they can’t, or it’s too much work to do so. Here’s how they do find you: you come to them. They utilize malicious links hoping you will click on them – and when you do, that one click can release all sorts of malware into your computer.

2. You probably wouldn’t notice if your computer was infected. Often – but not always – it can be difficult to detect spyware or other malicious software that is installed by others. This is exactly what hackers want, so they can go about hacking your accounts in peace! By the time you notice, major damage can be done to your computer and/or your personal information can be stolen.

3. You can spread malicious software to others. If your PC becomes infected with malware, not only can it do a number on your own computer, but it can also spread the damage along to other machines. Cyber criminals can rummage through your e-mail contacts, sending them e-mails with infected links to keep the scam growing. It can be pretty successful too – because it looks like a legitimate e-mail coming from a trusted friend (you). If it is your Facebook account that is hacked into, the hackers can use your Status Update to spread links on your Wall or through Messages, and again — it will come across as you sending it, and that it can be trusted.

Running a good anti-malware program like Chica PC-Shield® makes it very hard for the cyber criminals to get to you. The free version of Chica PC-Shield® will tell you if your computer is already infected, quarantines any malware it finds, then destroys it. Even better is the full version – it prevents you from clicking on suspicious links in the first place, and provides you with continuous updates so you are protected, even from the most recent malware release. That’s peace of mind.

Angela Skinner Mullen
Angela leads a caffeine-fueled life chasing her kids around town. She holds degrees in Communications and Marketing, and worked in marketing management in both publishing and technology fields before going freelance. While some think she is obsessive-compulsive about correct usage and grammar, she prefers to think of herself as paying great attention to detail. She lives in Southern California with her husband, two kids, two cats, a frog, and a very large dog. Most likely to be found working from a Coffee Bean in Los Angeles, laptop on and latte in hand.

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