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Your computer is always at risk for infection from viruses, malware, and other malicious software. Just using your anti-virus software program alone is not enough. ChicaPC-ShieldTM is anti-malware software that adds an extra layer of protection and improves your current anti-virus protection by detecting and removing even the most stubborn malware infections. ChicaPC-ShieldTM:

Scans for threats. Searches your PC for viruses and other threats.

Finds hidden malware. Finds Even stubborn viruses and malware lurking on your computer.

Qurantines and destroys. Existing infections and viruses are cleaned up.

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Online malware attacks are brutal and can take over a person’s identity in seconds. The Pro version of Chica PC-Shield™ gives you extra protection against malware invasions and hacking attempts, including:

Real-time protection. Scans and protects your computer from threats in real-time, even after you reboot your computer.

Blocking of infected sites. Get stopped before you can even enter potentially malicious sites.

Quick scan option. Save time with a quick scan to check for potential problems – only run a full scan if issues are found.

Chica PC-Shield™ Pro will find, remove, and prevent your computer from being invaded. Get full-time protection, automatic alerts and daily updates – buy the Pro version of Chica PC-Shield™ with a lifetime license for only $24.95.

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