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Tech Savvy Mama

“One new company that I love is ChicaLogic, whose tagline is “Empowering Women in the Information Age.” Chicalogic is the creator of ChicaPC-Shield™, a scanner that works to scan your PC to determine if your computer is a victim of a malware invasion or virus infection. ChicaPC-Shield™ not only finds the threats but removes them, preserving the productivity of your computer!”

Little Tech Girl

“Just having virus software is not enough these days with all the different strains of this and that out there waiting to infect our computers. Infections can lead to crashes, slowness, data loss, and probably worst of all… your data ending up in the wrong hands. To protect yourself you need ChicaPC-Shield™.”

The Cubicle Chick

“With the Internet being used more and more in our daily lives, scammers and other undesirables have made it a playground to steal your information and make your online experience a hassle. By implanting malware, spyware, and other dangerous viruses on your computer, they can not only mess up your PC and make it unusable but lift important information from your system. Don’t let this happen to you.

Quick Tattletails

“Are you like me and can’t live without your PC? … I have to make sure it is safe and protected! Thanks to ChicaLogic, I feel like I am being fully protected from all that nasty stuff floating around in cyberspace. The software was easy to use and very effective. With this software, you can put you mind at ease when you are online…you are 100% protected!”

Moomettes Magnificents

“Internet crime and security breaches are continually increasing. Anti-Virus programs and Firewalls are simply not enough to protect your computer from all possible threats. Malware, or malicious software, continues to infect even the most well-protected computers. ChicaPC-Shield™ will actively monitor your PC in real-time to ensure that even the most hostile invasions are automatically blocked from ever reaching your computer.”

Sista Sense

“Every time we visit a website, open emails, or download programs we are leaving our computers vulnerable to invasion, which is why having anti-malware software and virus protection is important. Knowing that ChicaPC-Shield™ is from a trusted brand whose mission is to keep our personal data safe, helps this web savvy sista become a more tech savvy one.”

I’m Not the Nanny

“Like most women, I’m too busy to constantly worry if my computer is going to affected by virus, spyware, and malware. This is exactly why ChicaLogic created ChicaPC Shield 2011. Powered by Malwarebytes, ChicaPC Shield 2011 is simple to setup and install. Once you set up a scanning schedule, you can just forget about it.”

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