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Download ChicaPC-fix and have your computer scanned, diagnosed, and fixed. The free version of ChicaPC-fix™ scans for "problem areas" on your PC. Get a free PC health Scan and first 25 errors fixed for free OR extend the life of your PC and get unlimited PC cleaning when you buy the Pro version here.

ChicaPC-Shield™ Free Version

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ChicaPC-Shield™ Free Version allows you to find and remove any hidden threats and dangers on your PC for FREE. Provides you unlimited critical protection from threats, infections, viruses, malware, spyware, and other internet threats - absolutely FREE. Learn More about ChicaPC-Shield™ FREE Version.

For the no fuss, "I don't wanna think about it" protection, you gotta get the proactive AUTOMATIC ALWAYS GONNA BE THERE FOR YOU scheduling and more Pro version with a lifetime license for $19.95 -- buy it here. Wondering how the Pro version works even better than the Free version?  Get the answer here.

Chica Password Manager®

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The free trial version of Chica Password Manager® helps get you organized, saves time, and protects you online by creating and securely storing your passwords and logins. Download here to try this fully functional program free for 30 days, or get the lifetime license Pro version for under $30! Buy it now. Want to know what others are saying about Chica Password Manager®? Check it out here.


Easily Find Outdated PC Drivers with DRIVERfighter

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Drivers are responsible for communicating and interacting with PC hardware devices. Outdated drivers can make your PC prone to instability, hardware malfunctions, and slow performance. See how many outdated drivers you have!

DriverScanner helps you keep up with manufacturer and publisher driver updates. Reliable, easy-to-use software provides a detailed report listing all outdated drivers, and updates drivers with just one click.