Chica Password Manager® is available in English, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Russian, and Czech.

    What It Does
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Chica Password Manager®

Never Forget a Password Again

Chica Password Manager® is a password manager and automatic form filler — all in one. One Master Password is all you need to remember – you are automatically and securely logged in to all of your password-protected sites. Your personal information is stored safely stored in the encrypted database, allowing you to fill in online forms with a single click. Organize your passwords any way you like. Save time, stay safe online, and never forget a password again.


Creates Strong Passwords – Stores them securely in the encrypted database
Imports Passwords — Automatically imports from other sites and programs
Convenient – One Master Password to remember for all of your accounts
Automatic Logins — Recognizes your password-protected sites and logs you in automatically
Organizes — Arrange your passwords any way you like with the enhanced groups function
Saves Time – Fills in forms online quickly and accurately with one click

Verifies.  Makes sure a site is secure before it enters your personal information
Secure Protection — Hackers can’t get to your encrypted passwords and personal information



Save Time

Login Automatically - Never forget your passwords again!

One Password - The only password you have to keep track of with Chica Password Manager® is your master password. It’s the key to unlocking every other password you use and to log you into your sites automatically! Stop forgetting, and save time!

Automatic Form Filler - Next time you check out during an online purchase, you won’t have to type your name and address for the one millionth time! Let Chica Password Manager® do the heavy lifting and fill out all those redundant forms for you!



Get Organized

Save All Passwords in One Spot – I’ve seen passwords and usernames spread out on several different post-it notes gracing the outside of someones computer screen on more than one occasion. Clean up the clutter and get them stored in ONE secure location!

Organized Folders – Finding the password you are looking for in our program is extremely easy! Categorize the passwords into folders for social media, email, desktop applications, or even make up your own categories.



Protect Yourself Online

Secure Password Generator® – To keep you secure from site to site, every login should have a different password. This way if someone was able to hack into your account on one website it won’t give them access to all the rest of websites you log into! Creating secure passwords that are different for each site, that even YOU don’t have to remember is where Chica Password Manager excels!

Verify Websites – Phishing emails look like they are from a legitimate source, but are really from someone trying to steal your login information. Before Chica Password Manager enters your login information, it will verify the website to make sure it’s not a fraudulent page!




Download Directions

Click on the link below to download the free trial of Chica Password Manager®. Double click the downloaded file to begin installation on your computer. Double click on the Chica Password Manager® icon to start program and follow prompts.



Languages available

Chica Password Manager® is available in English, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Russian, and Czech.

Software Requirements

Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 (32 & 64 bit).

Try Chica Password Manager® FREE for 30 Days and store all of your passwords and identities for safe online shopping, and access to all of your critical information online. Upgrade to the full version for unlimited passwords and identities, and all the convenience and organizational features to keep you safe and secure online.