ChicaPC-Fix™ Product Reviews

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Tech 4 Mommies

“ChicaPC-fix is the best utility I have found, that will get rid of the clutter, but keep the stuff you actually need. When I ran it on my computer it found over 2000 errors, and I keep my computer pretty clean! It’s definitely a must have utility to keep your computer running in tip top shape.”

My Life… Simple & Beautiful

“You can get rid of the computer clutter and get back up to speed! ChicaLogic came to the rescue with ChicaPC-fix! It worked wonders on my PC!

Sista Sense

“Even though my baby isn’t as young as she used to be, using ChicaPC-fix, I am able to give her a checkup that helps to maximize her speed and overall performance.”

Mommy for Two

“ChicaPC-fix is a program designed to help cater to today’s woman by making your computer fast and easy to use! I quickly jumped at the opportunity and I am so glad I did!”

Mom State of Mind

“I want to know that when I am online my computer is safe from viruses and keeps my computer’s performance running at a fast speed.”

Veronica UnLeashed

“I installed my ChicaLogic PC Fix. It was quick and painless. It started to give me step-by-step instructions on what to do next. I need this because…I am SO computer illiterate. The program was pretty…and it was simple. No unnecessary information that I’m not going to understand anyway!”

Mommy Delicious

“My review? Love it! It really is like ‘one-click shopping’ to improved performance. I thought it was time to say ‘Rest In Peace’ and ‘It was nice knowing ya’ to my old computer. Enter ChicaPC-fix. Now, it’s running faster because this software removed the clutter. And there you have it. Neat and in order. In every aspect of my life.”

Coupon Mamacita

“Ah, computers…can’t live with them, can’t live without them (just like Men!) Isn’t it frustrating when they are slow and sluggish? Luckily with little routine maintenance you can count on your hard-wired friend to be there when you need it. I downloaded ChicaPC-Fix™ and Boy, OH BOY, was I surprised by my computer’s health! It was “very bad” and there were 2,317 errors found on my hard drive! After clicking the “fix now” button, Presto! — within seconds the errors were repaired and I am happy to report my PC is in “good health”and running like new!”

That Tech Chick

“I downloaded ChicaPC-Fix™ to my computer pretty quickly. It was a fast download and install. I did not need to deactivate my anti-virus software to use ChicaPC-Fix™. Being the Tech Chick that I am, I run several programs to keep my computer running smoothly. ChicaPC-Fix™ did not interfere with any of those.”

Organizing for Simplicity

“Like our offices and homes, our computers can become cluttered and inefficient. ChicaPC-fix uses basic organizing principles; sorting like items into categories and then, with a single click of your mouse, the clutter is purged. Oh, if only organizing the rest of our lives was this simple.”

HomeGirl Quel

“I downloaded the ChicaPC-fix onto my Netbook yesterday. The scan, which was SUPER simple to run, found over a thousand errors…and my Netbook is running SO much faster now.”

Hysterical Randomness

“ChicaPC-fix is the answer for all of us tech savvy and not so tech savvy mama’s who wish computer jargon could be easier, especially when having to explain it to someone who is less savvy than you.”

Military Wives Savings

“With ChicaPC-Fix™, you can have it perform a scan immediately upon startup, schedule them, or manually perform scans yourself. You can even ‘turn off’ items in your startup menu to help speed up your PC as well…I love, love, love my ChicaPC-Fix™!”

Neighborhood Nine Plus

“…with ChicaLogic it’s one stop shopping. ChicaLogic software gives you all the tools necessary for that slow computer or for a computer that is just not acting right.”

Brandon’s Puppy

“ChicaPC-Fix™ took just minutes to install. I ran the PC Health Check on my computer, and once the full scan was complete it gave me the results: 1193 errors. No wonder I was so frustrated with this machine!”

PR Diva

“Downloading ChicaPC-fix was quick and painless. I was excited for it to diagnose what was going on with my PC using its Performance Scan.”

Methodical Madness

“ChicaPC-fix is supposed to make your computer run like new. Before installing the software, my computer was somewhat sluggish during its startup. After running the ChicaPC-fix, my startup took less time than it had in months.”

Blaq Vixen Beauty

“One of the features that I really enjoy about ChicaPC-fix is that after it finds the errors, it creates and prepares a backup just in case your computer “spazzes” out after the repair.”

Conest Corner

“ChicaPC-fix does a good job of cleaning problematic areas that affect all computers, such as unnecessary registry entries and temporary files… a great way to keep your system cleaned out in a fast, safe manner.”

Little Tech Girl

“Once the scan is complete you have the option of what you want it to clean. Cleanup was fast. It only took a couple of minutes for my machine to transform from being a “bad” computer to a “very good” computer. And it was running smoothly again.”

I’m Not The Nanny

“I appreciate that ChicaPC-fix is user-friendly. I don’t have to think too hard about what to click. I don’t have to waste time searching for the right button.”

The Cubicle Chick

“Once the scan is complete you have the option of what you want it to clean. Cleanup was fast. It only took a couple of minutes for my machine to transform from being a “bad” computer to a “very good” computer. And it was running smoothly again.”

The Mommy Factor

“I liked that ChicaPC-fix was compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000. I’ve had my laptop for years and it still using the MS Win XP operating system. Installing the program was a quick and simple step. No major slow down on an already sluggish PC system.”

Moana Saves – A Blog by the Sea

“ChicaPC-Fix™ is a great protection software program–not just for women but for any non-techies out there.”