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Wondering what is wrong with your computer?

Certified Tech Support Services experts are available 24/7 to help. Call toll-free (914) 294-3305 for your FREE diagnosis today

Our highly trained technicians can provide you will personalized help to diagnose your PC’s issues, solve them, and even prevent new problems from happening! Our premium support can help with the following common computer issues, including:

Slow PC. Registry issues and outdated software are just two reasons your computer can slow down to a crawl. We can perform a full diagnostic check to find out what is causing your slow PC, and help you get your computer optimized to run not just faster — better.

Virus and malware removal. Malware can put your personal information at risk. We will perform a full scan of your computer to find and safely remove any malicious software found.

Outdated drivers and devices. Computers and all related components do not run their best when their drivers are out of date. We’ll quickly search for all outdated drivers and update them.

Full hard drive. Running out of available space? We find and remove any unnecessary and/or duplicate files to make more space on your computer.

Installation conflicts/issues. We can help correct and installation issues, and make sure all software programs are running together smoothly without problems or conflicts.

Find out what’s causing your computer problems – in three easy steps.

Get dialing. Call toll-free (914) 294-3305 twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to speak live with a certified technician.

Get diagnosed. Our technician will securely connect to your PC and troubleshoot issues and give you a FREE diagnosis.

Get repaired. Watch as your compute problems are remotely solved.

Why should you try our Premium Service?

Convenience. No need to bring your computer in for service – all help is provided over the phone. 

Security. Your personal information and privacy are safe from viruses and other malicious malware and hacking attempts.

Prevention. We will help you take steps to prevent future infections and problems and answer any questions you may have.

Peace of mind. Your computer will run smoother and faster, so you can get back to all that you do online! If you are not sure what is going on with your computer — call (914) 294-3305 and get a FREE diagnosis today.

Tech Support Services available for these devices:

Computers (Windows and Mac)




Call toll-free (914) 294-3305 for a FREE diagnosis, and see what is happening with your PC.